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Every week, Asset-Backed Alert delivers hard-to-get news and statistics on the new-look ABS, MBS and CLO markets around the globe. The newsletter routinely gives subscribers the earliest word on money-making plays and risks emerging from the securitization of consumer loans, home mortgages and corporate receivables. 

Asset-Backed Alert also makes sense of the complex regulatory and legal changes that are radically transforming the worldwide structured-finance business.

Subscription price (2-user license): $3,497 for 46 weekly issues.

What does Asset-Backed Alert cover?

  • The steady reemergence of residential MBS issuers.
  • Behind-the-scenes action in the burgeoning CLO market.
  • Regulatory developments reshaping structured finance.
  • Shifts in the supply-demand balance for ABS and MBS.
  • Securitization plans of companies in the U.S., Europe, Asia, Canada and Latin America.
  • Strategy shifts of investors in asset- and mortgage-backed securities.
  • Career openings for structured-finance professionals.

What is The ABS Database?

Subscribers to Asset-Backed Alert get FREE online access to The ABS Database, which captures information on all asset- and mortgage-backed securities sold worldwide. The database, compiled by the editors of Asset-Backed Alert, is the only comprehensive listing of public and private securitizations -- including collateralized debt obligations.

Relying on its database, Asset-Backed Alert regularly publishes rankings of key participants in asset-backed securitization: Underwriters, issuers, trustees, law firms, bond insurers and rating agencies. It also provides readers with a steady diet of statistical summaries showing securitization trends in all of the world's asset-backed securities markets.

Click here for a detailed description of The ABS Database.

Who produces Asset-Backed Alert?

Asset-Backed Alert's coverage is led by publisher Andrew Albert, who has been reporting on the securitization field since the asset-backed market began in the 1980s. The newsletter is produced by Harrison Scott Publications, which also publishes Real Estate Alert (the weekly update on institutional buying opportunities), Hedge Fund Alert (the weekly update on the alternative-investment community) and Commercial Mortgage Alert (the weekly update on real estate finance and securitization).

Asset-Backed Alert's offices are located in Hoboken, N.J. -- just minutes from Manhattan by PATH train.  Click here for directions.

How do I start a Free-Trial Subscription?

Click here to start a three-week, Free-Trial Subscription to Asset-Backed Alert. There are no strings attached: you won't receive an invoice unless you subscribe. For your convenience, you can now receive your free trial via e-mail.

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