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Every week, Asset-Backed Alert delivers the earliest word on money-making plays emerging from the evolving securitization business, including the worldwide markets for ABS, MBS and CLOs.

Selections from Recent Issues


Moody's Creates Role of Research Chief

Moody’s is searching for a market veteran to fill a new position overseeing research of asset-backed securities, residential mortgage bonds and...

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Personal-Loan Deal to Aid Citi's Compliance

Citigroup has agreed to take down a securitization of marketplace loans — an investment that might help the bank meet its obligations to serve...

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Model MBS Deal Still on Drawing Board

A “benchmark” mortgage-bond offering remains months off.

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Plan to Expand Risk-Transfer Pools Hits Snag

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac want to expand their risk-transfer programs to include adjustable-rate mortgages, but a technological glitch is holding up the...

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Values Soaring for Servicer-Advance Bonds

Servicer-advance bonds are gaining value at an accelerated rate.

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Costs Soar as Common MBS Effort Founders

Frustrations are mounting for the Federal Housing Finance Agency as it attempts to centralize all agency and non-agency mortgage securitizations within a...

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HSBC Makes Push Into CLO Underwriting

HSBC is seeking assignments to run the books on collateralized loan obligations in the U.S.

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Lawyers Get Busy on CLO-Retention Tactic

Collateralized loan obligation lawyers think they finally have figured out how to help issuers comply with risk-retention rules.

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March ABS Issuance Going Out Like a Lion

A wave of asset-backed bond deals is forming.

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Growing Heloc Fears Trigger Market Slide

Investors holding bonds backed by home-equity lines of credit have suddenly begun dumping the paper on the secondary market, driving prices sharply...

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Investors Chasing First Marblehead Paper

Investors are suddenly eager to get their hands on student-loan bonds that First Marblehead issued prior to the financial crisis.

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Credit Suisse Bond Bankers Changing Seats

Credit Suisse has lost a key member of its securitization team, while gaining another.

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