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Every week, Asset-Backed Alert delivers the earliest word on money-making plays emerging from the evolving securitization business, including the worldwide markets for ABS, MBS and CLOs.

Selections from Recent Issues


Investors Shrug Off Unemployment Scare

So much for concerns that the expiration of expanded unemployment benefits would scare investors away from asset- and mortgage-backed bonds.

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Key Slashes Bond-Distribution Workforce

KeyBank dismissed as many as 15 members of its fixed-income sales and trading team in New York on July 28.

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CLO Issuers Considering Fixed-Rate Debt

Collateralized loan obligation issuers are taking a fresh look at selling fixed-rate securities.

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Reverse-Mortgage Securitizations Piling Up

Actions taken by regulators and lenders in response to the coronavirus crisis have put the market for reverse-mortgage bonds on pace for what could be its...

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Bank Warehousers Pinch Personal Lenders

In yet another coronavirus-related blow to online personal-loan originators, banks have jacked up the amounts they charge those operations to accumulate...

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Property Lender Bets on TALF Expansion

Commercial-property lender Monticello Asset Management is planning a structured-product investment program with a twist.

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Brigade Proposes Rescue-Capital Injections

Brigade Capital is asking investors in its collateralized loan obligations for permission to pump more money into struggling companies whose debts already...

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Quicken IPO Spawns Bond-Issuing Push

As it prepares to go public, Quicken Loans is mapping a major increase in its jumbo-mortgage securitization volume.

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Crisis Pushes Non-QM Shops Into Jumbos

Several mortgage originators are looking at securitization to fund jumbo-loan products they are developing.

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Investors Dodge CFPB Cashflow Seizure

(SEE CORRECTION BELOW) A federal judge has blocked, at least temporarily, an effort by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to hold investors in 15...

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Liberty Mutual Propping Up Non-QM Flow

Liberty Mutual has suddenly emerged as perhaps the most influential buyer of home-loan bonds whose underlying receivables don’t meet the Consumer...

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Wilmington Pitching Mortgage Blockchain

Wilmington Trust has launched an ambitious effort to create a blockchain-technology tool containing documents for all non-agency mortgages.

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