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Every week, Asset-Backed Alert delivers the earliest word on money-making plays emerging from the evolving securitization business, including the worldwide markets for ABS, MBS and CLOs.

Selections from Recent Issues


Loan Warehouses Liquidated as CLOs Stall

With the market for new collateralized loan obligations frozen, the issuers of at least two planned offerings were forced to liquidate the deals’...

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Discover's Securitization Volume Set to Rise

Look for Discover Financial to increase its output of credit-card bonds.

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Low-Income Rental Deal in Development

A company that specializes in renting single-family homes to low-income individuals is considering securitization as a funding option.

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Pfizer to Ramp Up ABS Buying Program

Pfizer wants to increase its holdings of asset-backed securities and private-label mortgage bonds.

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Late-Career Shift for "Bowie Bonds' Lawyer

Richard Rudder has ended one of the longest careers in securitization law.

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New Ares Funds Aimed at Loan-Market Stress

Ares Management has two new funds in the market, both aimed at capitalizing on expectations of increasing distress in the leveraged-loan market.

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CLO Professionals Giving Up on Growth

Collateralized loan obligation professionals expect new-deal volume to keep shrinking.

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Morgan Stanley Cuts Claim Student-Loan Team

Layoffs that claimed about a quarter of Morgan Stanley’s fixed-income group this week included a five-member team of bankers who ran the books for...

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Wunderlich Trading Team Jumps to Wedbush

A team of 25 mortgage-product traders and salesmen is leaving regional broker-dealer Wunderlich Securities for the larger Wedbush Securities.

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Hopes Dim for Quick Market Rebound

Asset-backed bond investors and bankers are increasingly worried that the pace of new issuance could remain sluggish well into next year.

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Banks Mobilize Against Trading Book Regs

Banks suddenly are ramping up opposition to a Bank for International Settlements guideline that could stifle secondary-market trading of fixed-income...

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Santander Halts Unsecured-Loan Initiative

Responding to regulatory pressure, Santander Consumer USA is scrapping its plans for a $1 billion securitization of marketplace loans and exiting the...

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