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Every week, Asset-Backed Alert delivers the earliest word on money-making plays emerging from the evolving securitization business, including the worldwide markets for ABS, MBS and CLOs.

Selections from Recent Issues


Traders Breathing Easier as Charges Fade

The U.S. government’s crackdown on improper structured-product trading practices appears to be in its final stages.

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Startup Aims to Securitize Crypto Loans

A Denver firm that recently began originating loans secured by cryptocurrencies is sketching out plans to securitize the credits.

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Insurers Resist NAIC-Induced Bond Sales

Defying some industry participants’ forecasts, insurers largely sat on their portfolios of pre-credit-crisis mortgage bonds at yearend.

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Wells Slashes Funding for Subprime Autos

Wells Fargo is further reducing its exposure to subprime-auto loans, where it has long played a lead role in extending warehouse lines to lenders and...

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Loan Tracker Teams Up With IBM

Global Debt Registry has been admitted to an IBM mentoring program for developers of blockchain applications.

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Reperforming-Loan Buyers Eye "Dirty' Deals

Issuers of bonds backed by reperforming mortgages are planning deals backed by riskier collateral.

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Merck Adds to Asset-Backed Bond Dosage

Merck continues to add to its holdings of asset-backed securities.

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Demand Sustaining CLO Spread Squeeze

Even with spreads on collateralized loan obligations steadily tightening for much of this year, managers keep looking for ways to further reduce their...

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CapOne Seen Securitizing Cabela's Accounts

It looks like Capital One will fold Cabela’s credit-card business into its securitization program, allaying fears among investors that the bank would...

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Finacity Accused of Snatching Trade Secrets

Lord Capital is suing Finacity for allegedly stealing its trade secrets.

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Fitch Report Dooms Global Jet Transaction

The cancellation of Global Jet Capital’s debut securitization offers a rare look at the process of pulling a deal from the market.

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Landlord-Loan Program On the Drawing Board

Window Rock Capital is planning to securitize landlord loans.

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