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Every week, Asset-Backed Alert delivers the earliest word on money-making plays emerging from the evolving securitization business, including the worldwide markets for ABS, MBS and CLOs.

Selections from Recent Issues


Key Slashes Bond-Distribution Workforce

KeyBank dismissed as many as 15 members of its fixed-income sales and trading team in New York on July 28.

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CLO Issuers Considering Fixed-Rate Debt

Collateralized loan obligation issuers are taking a fresh look at selling fixed-rate securities.

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Reverse-Mortgage Securitizations Piling Up

Actions taken by regulators and lenders in response to the coronavirus crisis have put the market for reverse-mortgage bonds on pace for what could be its...

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Bank Warehousers Pinch Personal Lenders

In yet another coronavirus-related blow to online personal-loan originators, banks have jacked up the amounts they charge those operations to accumulate...

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Property Lender Bets on TALF Expansion

Commercial-property lender Monticello Asset Management is planning a structured-product investment program with a twist.

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Brigade Proposes Rescue-Capital Injections

Brigade Capital is asking investors in its collateralized loan obligations for permission to pump more money into struggling companies whose debts already...

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Quicken IPO Spawns Bond-Issuing Push

As it prepares to go public, Quicken Loans is mapping a major increase in its jumbo-mortgage securitization volume.

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Crisis Pushes Non-QM Shops Into Jumbos

Several mortgage originators are looking at securitization to fund jumbo-loan products they are developing.

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Investors Dodge CFPB Cashflow Seizure

(SEE CORRECTION BELOW) A federal judge has blocked, at least temporarily, an effort by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to hold investors in 15...

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Liberty Mutual Propping Up Non-QM Flow

Liberty Mutual has suddenly emerged as perhaps the most influential buyer of home-loan bonds whose underlying receivables don’t meet the Consumer...

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Wilmington Pitching Mortgage Blockchain

Wilmington Trust has launched an ambitious effort to create a blockchain-technology tool containing documents for all non-agency mortgages.

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As Downgrades Ease, CLOs Spring Anew

With investor demand rebounding, more collateralized loan obligation issuers are rolling out deals.

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