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Every week, Asset-Backed Alert delivers hard-to-get news and statistics on the new-look ABS, MBS and CLO markets around the globe. The newsletter routinely gives subscribers the earliest word on money-making plays and risks emerging from the securitization of consumer loans, home mortgages and corporate receivables.

Asset-Backed Alert also makes sense of the complex regulatory and legal changes that are radically transforming the worldwide structured-finance business.

Subscription price (2-user license): $4,297; for 46 weekly issues.

What does Asset-Backed Alert cover?

› The steady reemergence of residential MBS issuers.
› Behind-the-scenes action in the burgeoning CLO market.
› Regulatory developments reshaping structured finance.
› Shifts in the supply-demand balance for ABS and MBS.
› Securitization plans of companies in the U.S., Europe, Asia, Canada and Latin America.
› Strategy shifts of investors in asset- and mortgage-backed securities.
› Career openings for structured-finance professionals.

What is the ABS Database?

Subscribers to Asset-Backed Alert get FREE online access to The ABS Database, which captures information on all asset- and mortgage-backed securities sold worldwide. The database, compiled by the editors of Asset-Backed Alert, is the only comprehensive listing of public and private securitizations -- including collateralized debt obligations.

Relying on its database, Asset-Backed Alert regularly publishes rankings of key participants in asset-backed securitization: Underwriters, issuers, trustees, law firms, bond insurers and rating agencies. It also provides readers with a steady diet of statistical summaries showing securitization trends in all of the world's asset-backed securities markets.

› Learn More About the ABS Database

Who produces Asset-Backed Alert?

Asset-Backed Alert is produced by Harrison Scott Publications. The coverage is led by publisher Andrew Albert, who has been reporting on the securitization field since the asset-backed market began in the 1980s. The publication’s editors also possess a wealth of experience covering structured finance, which accounts for the e-newsletter’s unmatched level of sophistication.

Joseph Nadilo, Managing Editor, 201-234-3984, jnadilo@hspnews.com, bio
Matt Birkbeck, Senior Writer, 201-234-3991, mbirkbeck@hspnews.com, bio
Steve Chambers, Senior Writer, 201-234-3990, schambers@hspnews.com, bio
Andrew Albert, Publisher, 201-234-3960, aalbert@hspnews.com, bio
Thomas J. Ferris, Editor, 201-234-3972, tferris@hspnews.com, bio
T.J. Foderaro, Deputy Editor, 201-234-3979, tjfoderaro@hspnews.com, bio
Ben Lebowitz, Deputy Editor, 201-234-3961, blebowitz@hspnews.com, bio
Dan Murphy, Deputy Editor, 201-234-3975, dmurphy@hspnews.com, bio

What else does Harrison Scott Publications produce?

Harrison Scott publishes three other newsletters:
Real Estate Alert, the weekly update on institutional buying and selling of commercial properties. 
Hedge Fund Alert, the weekly update on the alternative-investment community.
Commercial Mortgage Alert, the weekly update on real estate finance and securitization.

Harrison Scott’s offices are located in Hoboken, N.J. -- just minutes from Manhattan by PATH train or ferry.