Dear Subscriber:

A number of Asset-Backed Alert readers, who are concerned about violating copyright law, have been asking about the terms of our licenses.

Here's how they work: For an annual fee, a company can designate a specific number of employees to receive the newsletter by email each week. Each member of the license group also receives a username and password for free access to Asset-Backed Alert's archives and the ABS Database at

From our standpoint, there's nothing wrong with occasionally copying a page or two from our newsletter to pass along to an associate. In addition, we are happy to authorize a subscriber to reproduce - at no extra charge - any of our articles or tables for a presentation. And if a subscriber is preparing for a conference or some other type of meeting, we're glad to provide free copies of the newsletter for attendees.

What's unacceptable is the routine reproduction or electronic forwarding of our newsletters, or links to our newsletters, for use by people who aren't covered by your license. This is a blatant, actionable violation of our copyright. We routinely monitor usage of the publication by employing tracking technology.

Feel free to call me at 201-234-3960 if you'd like information about the multi-user license that would best suit your company.


Andrew Albert