Conference Calendar

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Main EventsLocationDatesOrganizer
Single Family Rental EastVIRTUAL Aug. 18-19, 2020IMN
Global ABS 2020VIRTUAL Sept. 15-17, 2020IMN & AFME
ABS East 2020Miami & VIRTUAL Dec. 1-2, 2020IMN
Single Family Rental Forum WestScottsdale, Ariz. Dec. 2-4, 2020IMN
CLO Summit 2020Dana Point, Calif. Dec. 6-8, 2020Opal Group
SFVegas 2021Las Vegas May 2-5, 2021SFA
Global ABSBarcelona June 8-10, 2021IMN & AFME
Events in USLocationDatesOrganizer
Italian Banking System: NPL Mgmt. & RestructuringVIRTUAL July 14, 2020IMN
Global ABS Summer Warm Up Webinar SeriesVIRTUAL July 16, 2020IMN
Non-QM Mortgages: A Return to NormalVIRTUAL July 16, 2020IMN
Global ABS Summer Warm Up Webinar SeriesVIRTUAL July 30, 2020IMN
China Bond Virtual Series - China's Macro EconomyVIRTUAL Sept. 1, 2020IMN
China Bond Virtual Series - China's Bond MarketVIRTUAL Sept. 2, 2020IMN
China Bond Virtual Series - China's Bond Market in DepthVIRTUAL Sept. 3, 2020IMN
Solar, PACE & ESG InvestingVIRTUAL Sept. 8, 2020IMN
Tenant Experience ForumLos Angeles Sept. 14-15, 2020IMN
Non-QM ForumLos Angeles Sept. 16-17, 2020IMN
LEND360Chicago Sept. 21-23, 2020LEND360
Private Placement, Life Insurance & Variable AnnuitiesChicago Sept. 22-23, 2020Informa Connect
RiskMinds AmericasVIRTUAL Sept. 22-23, 2020Informa Connect
Education Finance & Loan SymposiumArlington, Va. Sept. 24-25, 2020iiBIG
Investors' Conference on LIBORVIRTUAL Sept. 29, 2020IMN
LendIt Fintech USA 2020VIRTUAL Sept. 30-Oct. 1, 2020LendIt Conference
Chinese NPL: Rising Inv. Opportunities in China NPLVIRTUAL Oct. 14-15, 2020IMN
Distressed & Turnaround Investment ForumNew York Oct. 28-29, 2020iiBIG
NPL, Notes & Default Servicing Forum WestDana Point, Calif. Oct. 29-30, 2020IMN
CLO Credit RiskNew York Nov. 2-3, 2020Fitch Learning
New Developments in SecuritizationVIRTUAL Nov. 4, 2020PLI
Understanding Securitization & ABSNew York Nov. 5, 2020Fitch Learning
Residential Mortgage Servicing Rights Forum EastNew York Nov. 9-10, 2020IMN
Single Family Property Management & OperationsAtlanta Nov. 10, 2020IMN
Risk Transfer & Synthetics SeminarNew York Nov. 16, 2020SCI
Marketplace Lending & Alternative Financing SummitDana Point, Calif. Dec. 6-8, 2020Opal Group
FIIN SymposiumNew York Dec. 9, 2020IMN
Secondary & Capital Markets Conf. & Expo.New York May 16-19, 2021MBA
Events Outside USLocationDatesOrganizer
Global Investors' Conf. on Securitisation in ChinaBeijing Sept. 11-12, 2020IMN
Mortgage-Backed Securities & Securitization in RussiaMoscow Sept. 17, 2020Cbonds Congress
Investors' Conference on Greek & Cypriot NPLsAthens Sept. 25, 2020IMN
Capital Relief Trades SeminarLondon Sept. 30, 2020SCI
Asset SecuritisationLondon Oct. 5-6, 2020IFF
European CLO Summit 2020London Oct. 12, 2020Opal Group
Fixed Income Leaders SummitBarcelona Oct. 12-14, 2020WBR
European CLO SummitLondon Oct. 13, 2020Opal Group
CLO Symposium & Manager AwardsLondon Oct. 15, 2020CreditFlux
NPL Securitisation SeminarMilan Oct. 21, 2020SCI
Global NPLLondon Oct. 27-28, 2020Smith Novak
RMBS: Assessing Value & RiskLondon Oct. 29-30, 2020Fitch Learning
Understanding Securitization & ABSLondon Nov. 20, 2020Fitch Learning
NPL IberiaMadrid Nov. 26, 2020Smith Novak
CLO Credit RiskLondon Nov. 26-27, 2020Fitch Learning