Conference Calendar

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Main EventsLocationDatesOrganizer
Residential Mortgage Finance SymposiumNew YorkNov. 7-8, 2017SFIG
CLO Summit 2017Dana Point, Calif.Dec. 3-5, 2017Opal Group
Single Family Rental Investment ForumScottsdale, Ariz.Dec. 4-6, 2017IMN
SFIG Vegas 2018Las VegasFeb. 25-28, 2018SFIG & IMN
Investors' Conference on CLOs & Leveraged LoansNew YorkMay 23-24, 2018IMN
Global ABS 2018BarcelonaJune 5-7, 2018AFME & IMN
Events in USLocationDatesOrganizer
Liquidity Risk ManagementNew YorkOct. 17-18, 2017CFP
Operational & Enterprise Risk ManagementNew YorkOct. 19-20, 2017CFP
Annual Convention & ExpoDenverOct. 22-25, 2017MBA
Annual Meeting 2017WashingtonOct. 23-24, 2017SIFMA
LSTA Annual ConferenceNew YorkOct. 24, 2017LSTA
Third Party Risk Mgmt. for Financial InstitutionsNew YorkNov. 1-2, 2017Marcus Evans
Inside Fixed IncomeNewport Beach, Calif.Nov. 2-3, 2017KNect365
Digital Lending & InvestingNew YorkNov. 2-3, 2017Source Media
Stress Testing USA: CCAR & DFASTNew YorkNov. 7-8, 2017CFP
Investors' Conference on Marketplace LendingNew YorkDec. 1, 2017IMN
Marketplace Lending & Alternative Financing SummitDana Point, Calif.Dec. 3-5, 2017Opal Group
New Developments in SecuritizationNew YorkDec. 13, 2017PLI
Mortgage Notes & NPL/RPL ForumFort Lauderdale, Fla.Jan. 30-31, 2018IMN
Investors' Conference on Equipment FinanceNew YorkMarch 20, 2018IMN
Residential Mortgage Servicing Rights ConferenceNew YorkMarch 26-27, 2018IMN
ABA Real Estate Lending ConferenceIndianapolisApril 4-6, 2018ABA
LendIt USA 2018San FranciscoApril 10, 2018LendIt
Green Investing ConferenceNew YorkApril 18, 2018IMN
Synchronize 2018New YorkApril 19, 2018IMN
National Secondary Market ConferenceNew YorkMay 20-23, 2018MBA
Events Outside USLocationDatesOrganizer
RMBS: Assessing Value & RiskLondonOct. 23-24, 2017Fitch Learning
Investors' Conference on Green BondsLondonOct. 30, 2017IMN
European CLO Summit 2017LondonNov. 2, 2017Opal Group
Fixed Income Leaders SummitAmsterdamNov. 7-9, 2017WBR
CLO Credit RiskLondonNov. 9-10, 2017Fitch Learning
Investors' Conference on Italian & European NPLsMilanNov. 14, 2017IMN
Global Capital Leveraged Finance Conference 2017LondonNov. 14, 2017Euromoney
Liquidity Risk Management in BanksFrankfurtNov. 16-17, 2017Fitch Learning
Liquidity Risk Management in BanksFrankfurtNov. 16-17, 2017Fitch Learning
Investors' Conf. on South African Debt Capital MarketsCape TownNov. 16-17, 2017IMN
Understanding Securitisation & ABSLondonNov. 20, 2017Fitch Learning
Fundamental Review of the Trading BookLondonNov. 21-22, 2017CFP
Understanding Securitisation & ABSSingaporeNov. 22, 2017Fitch Learning
IRB Models: Credit Risk & Capital FloorsLondonNov. 27-28, 2017Marcus Evans
Capital Structures & Debt ProductsSingaporeNov. 28-29, 2017Fitch Learning
NPL ManagementFrankfurtNov. 29-30, 2017Smith Novak
Capital Structures & Debt ProductsLondonDec. 4-5, 2017Fitch Learning
Risk Minds InternationalAmsterdamDec. 4-8, 2017KNect365
Distressed Investments: Capital Connection ForumLondonDec. 6, 2017DDC Financial
Fundamental Review of the Trading BookLondonDec. 12-13, 2017Fitch Learning
Investors' Conf. on Greek & Cypriot NPLsAthensJan. 29, 2018IMN
Synthetic Securitisation SummitLondonFeb. 7, 2018IMN
Debt in European Emerging Markets Forum 2018Bucharest, RomaniaFeb. 22, 2018WJ Global Group
New Generation Operational RiskLondonMarch 13-14, 2018CFP
Receivables Finance International ConventionLondonMarch 14-15, 2018BCR Publishing
Global Covered Bonds ConferenceLondonMarch 27, 2018IMN
Investors' Conf. on European CLOs & Leveraged LoansLondonApril 11, 2018IMN
Asian Structured Credit SummitHong KongJune 19-20, 2018IMN