Conference Calendar

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Main EventsLocationDatesOrganizer
Residential Mortgage Finance Symposium 2019New York Nov. 4-5, 2019SFA
Single Family Rental Forum WestScottsdale, Ariz. Dec. 4-6, 2019IMN
CLO Summit 2019Dana Point, Calif. Dec. 8-10, 2019Opal Group
SFVegas 2020Las Vegas Feb. 23-26, 2020SFA
Single Family Rental EastMiami May 12-14, 2020IMN
Investors' Conference on CLOs & Leveraged LoansNew York June 1-2, 2020IMN
Global ABSBarcelona June 16-18, 2020IMN & AFME
ABS East 2020Miami Oct. 5-7, 2020IMN
Events in USLocationDatesOrganizer
Aviation Loan ABS/CLO TransactionsNew York Oct. 29, 2019Opal Group
LSTA Annual ConferenceNew York Oct. 30, 2019LSTA
Creditflux CLO Investor SummitNew York Nov. 5, 2019Creditflux
Risk USANew York Nov. 5-6, 2019Risk Events
New Developments in Securitization 2019New York Nov. 6, 2019PLI
Residential Mortgage Servicing Rights Forum WestLos Angeles Nov. 12-13, 2019IMN
Education Finance & Loan Symposium WestLos Angeles Nov. 13-14, 2019iiBIG
Non-QM ForumLos Angeles Nov. 14-15, 2019IMN
Women in Securitization Year-End Event 2019New York Nov. 18, 2019SFA
SIFMA Annual MeetingWashington Nov. 18-19, 2019SIFMA
CLO Credit RiskNew York Nov. 18-19, 2019Fitch Learning
ABS Tech ConferenceNew York Nov. 20, 2019IMN
Marketplace Lending & Alternative Financing SummitDana Point, Calif. Dec. 8-10, 2019Opal Group
Structured Finance Foundation BenefitNew York Jan. 16, 2020SFA
Private Placements Industry ForumMiami Jan. 21-24, 2020KNect365
NPL Notes & Default Servicing ForumFort Lauderdale, Fla. Feb. 10-11, 2020IMN
AmeriCatalyst 2020: EntropyDallas Feb. 10-12, 2020AmeriCatalyst
Trade Tech FX USMiami Feb. 11-13, 2020WBR
Investors' Conf. on Equipment FinanceNew York March 25, 2020IMN
Synchronize 2020New York March 30, 2020IMN
Impact ABSNew York April 7, 2020IMN
Credit Risk Transfer SymposiumNew York April 23, 2020IMN
Investors' Conf. on Non-QM ABSNew York April 30, 2020IMN
Digital Asset SummitNew York May 13, 2020Blockworks Group
LendIt Fintech USA 2020New York May 13-14, 2020Lendit
National Secondary Market Conference & ExpoNew York May 17-20, 2020MBA
NPL, Notes & Default Servicing Forum WestDana Point, Calif. June 8-9, 2020IMN
Private Placement Life Insurance & Variable AnnuitiesChicago June 11-12, 2020KNect365
Events Outside USLocationDatesOrganizer
Credit Insight ConferenceToronto Oct. 24, 2019DBRS
RMBS: Assessing Value & RiskLondon Oct. 28-29, 2019Fitch Learning
Understanding Securitisation & ABSLondon Oct. 30, 2019Fitch Learning
Understanding Securitisation & ABSSingapore Nov. 5, 2019Fitch Learning
Covered Bonds: Credit & Market RiskLondon Nov. 11-12, 2019Fitch Learning
Investors' Conf. on Italian & European NPLsMilan Nov. 13, 2019IMN
CLO Credit RiskLondon Nov. 14-15, 2019Fitch Learning
NPL Iberia 2019Madrid Nov. 28-29, 2019Smith Novak
Asset Securitisation Training CourseLondon Nov. 28-29, 2019Informa
Risk Minds InternationalAmsterdam Dec. 2-6, 2019KNect365
Investors' Conf. on Significant Risk TransferLondon Feb. 6, 2020IMN
Investors' Conf. on Greek & Cypriot NPLsAthens March 12, 2020IMN
Global Investors' Conf. on Securitisation in ChinaBeijing March 27-28, 2020IMN
Investors' Conf. on European CLOs & Leveraged LoansLondon March 31, 2020IMN
Global Covered Bonds ConferenceLondon April 2, 2020IMN